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Tyke and Sons Lumber Co Free Download will bring you an adventure. And there will be more challenges for you to handle in this Fan game. Let’s see what we have for you next!

About Tyke and Sons Lumber Co

Tyke and Sons Lumber Co is a game that is built for players who like the open world. This game will allow you to be a beaver, and your job will be to create and craft. There will be a lot of things you can build in this game. As long as you have your tools with you, there will be nothing you can not do.

Tyke and Sons Lumber Co Free Download
Tyke and Sons Lumber Co

This game will let you be Mike, and you can get help from Tyke. This will be your friend and also your father in the game. Most of the challenges you have to face will need this NPC’s help.

In the game, there will be some challenges from the monsters. They will stand on your way to winning. There will also be some FNaF fan game monsters helping you in your adventure.

This is a game from Scott Cawthon, and you can download Tyke and Sons Lumber Co free on the main page. We also made some new changes for you. Check them out!


By: Mixlas @Mixlas

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