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Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake Free Download takes place at Coso’s Entertainment – which owns the most advanced technology. All animatronics work fine during the day, but they are weird at night.

Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake Free Download
Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is the leading developer of the game. Everything in the game is balanced, and you will encounter many complex challenges.

Coso is the main antagonist of the game. Coso is a cute animatronic with brown skin, blue eyes, and a very bright smile. During the day, Coso and her sister Cosa are the cutest animatronics on stage.

You are a night security guard, and you are the target of dangerous Coso. You have to survive many horror nights, and you have to overcome the exciting challenges of the FNaF fangame.

The game has similar gameplay to FNAF, and you also have a camera to observe the new generation of animatronics.

Players receive support from the most advanced technology because Coso’s Entertainment is a big store. The new generation of animatronics cannot stay in the room if the oxygen level is low. However, you also avoid fainting from lack of oxygen.

Download “Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake” to experience horror nights at Coso’s Entertainment!


by: MidaGames @MidaGames

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