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Fredbear & Friends: REC Free Download is open for all fans. The FNAF songs we have in this game will be unique, and they can be added to the main game.


Fredbear & Friends: REC Free Download will send you some terrible monsters. They are all unique, and you can see that they come with a knife. The other monsters will hold other weapons. This will be a hard thing to adapt to.

Fredbear & Friends: REC Free Download
Fredbear & Friends: REC

All the new features:

  • The custom sound we have in this game can be the right thing you’ve been looking for. The fight will start with songs and music. It would be best if you heard them all because, in your gameplay, they will come often.
  • The mini-game we have for you will be unique. Some of them will be puzzles, and others will be board games. Once you complete them, you will have a bigger chance to win your battle.
  • FNAF Song has been added to this game and is unique. The feeling you have will also be original and memorable. Come and join to see the point!
  • We have all the language you need in this game. Come with sub and instruction.
  • Fredbear & Friends: REC is free and downloads to have your fear begin.


by: Rushanplays @Rushanplays_Official

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