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Nightmare at Charles 2 free download has been already for those who want to know what happened after the event that the CPZ was burned.

Nightmare At Charles 2

About Nightmare At Charles 2

Nightmare at Charles 2 free download is a story told about what happened around the Charles’ Pizza Zone (CPZ) Entertainments. It was five years after the CPZ fire, not even a bit of ash left. Five years passed, the Charles’ Pizza Zone Entertainment now has been renamed Charles’ Pizza Zone 2.0. They also came back with an advanced animatronics robot named Rocktime Animatronics.

You will play as a security guard at Charles. But some things happened in the night. It can be more than what is in your imagination. You have to complete your job as a watchman and defend yourself against the creatures hiding in the shadows. They may appear suddenly and jumpscare you. It means you will get a fatality ending.

With the familiar gameplay of click-to-point that we usually see in the FNaF series, this fangame is not too difficult to control.

You must use every skill you have to prevent them from attacking you and hold out until 6 a.m. on the fifth day. Do not hesitate to download Nightmare at Charles 2 for free and discover the secrets behind animatronics.


by: Official_AndrewJohn100 @Official_AndrewJohn100

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