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Five Shows at Wario’s Free Download introduces a strange opening. You are Bruno Gate, and you don’t remember everything in the past. You wake up with so many questions: where are you? What do you need to do? You don’t know about everything around you, but you have to face a terrible mystery. You feel afraid of your surroundings.

You must explore the dark world, and you must answer a series of mysterious questions about the truth. You have to run to save yourself!

Five Shows at Wario's Free Download
Five Shows at Wario’s

Five Shows at Wario’s features five nights of horror, and each has its VIRUS character. The game is based on the FNAF formula, and the game adds interesting new points. Each level of FNAW is very different. You escape the role of a security guard in a cramped office. You don’t have to look into the camera, and close the door to hide. The game offers freedom of action, and players will discover in their way.

The game introduces fearsome VIRUSs including: Wario; Waluigi; Emma, and many other VIRUS. The game starts with “The Cellar, ” and ends with “A True Lie”. WwwWario created the game, and the game is a successful FNAF fan game. In addition, the game also has Insanity Mode, and people will participate in an attractive Q&A contest.


by: WwwWario @WwwWario

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