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Five Nights with Mac Tonight Free Download makes for scary nights if you have some free time. The game was released in July 2017. The game is a suitable choice for many FNAF series lovers.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight Free Download
Five Nights with Mac Tonight

You play as a night-shift security guard at a very famous fast food restaurant- McDonald’s. McDonald’s stores attract a lot of children. McDonald’s mainly offers an interesting animatronic, and that is Mac Tonight. Mac Tonight is famous for its 1980s product ads.

You must check every activity going on around the building through security cameras and control panels. You work about 6 hours a night in Five Nights with Mac Tonight. You start working from 0am to 6am weekdays. However, Mac Tonight is not a simple animatronic, and you will discover a terrible secret about Mac Tonight.

The game has the same gameplay as typical FNAF Games. However, the game does contain some horrible wallpapers. Anyway, the game is still a great choice if you want a little thrill. Mac Tonight is an interesting animatronic. Players will have many great experiences with Mac Tonight on the horror nights.


by: P. N. M @P_N_M

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