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Five Nights at Dawko’s Free Download will help you bring the best funny horror game to your PC. This version will be the first one we have for you. And the challenges could change over time.

Five Nights at Dawko's Free Download
Five Nights at Dawko’s

Game story:

YouTube Pizza Channel will be the main cause that leads you to this place. All you want is to destroy this channel and everything that belongs to it.

Children and their parents come to this place to enjoy the exciting party. But in the end, there will be more than just fun for them.

Five Nights at Dawko’s decor:

The office that you are working in will be different. This office is decorated with all the images from Dawko’s channel. It will also come with weird songs when the night comes.

The only way for you to get out and escape from this place will be to face your fear. There are monsters, but they are not immortal!

The FNAF games page will give you more than just some fun. Enter this place and leave nothing but your fear.


by: Studio MeeM @LOLTV

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