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Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s Free Download brings another FNAF story. Freddy’s Fazbear Pizza promises to bring many thrilling nights.

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Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s Free Download is developed by Clickteam Fusion. The game is based on the original concept from FNAF by Scott Cawthon. The game takes place in a different FnaF timeline. The game has completely different locations and events from the original FNAF.

Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear's Free Download
Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s

Fredbear’s is the ultimate pizzeria. However, Freddy’s Fazbear Pizza had to close down due to the deaths of many children. However, no one found evidence nor the perpetrator of the crime. After many years, a small company acquired Freddy’s animatronics. Freddy’s Fazbear Pizza reopens, and strange things start happening.

You are a night shift security guard in Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s. You are an unfortunate person, and you must protect yourself against the evil animatronics. You discover strange things in the dark world of Fredbear’s pizzeria.

You have many horror nights. You need to learn from experience, and some clear plans to win. The second-night battle will be intense. You use the camera to observe the movement of the animatronics. You can go out and collect helpful stuff. If you make it to the finale, you will meet the final animatronic- Fredbear’s Fan game.


by: SMGlee @SMGlee

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