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Rejected Custom Night: Reborn Free Download shall be on the top of this page. This is where we give you all the updates for your Rejected Custom Night gameplay.


Rejected Custom Night: Reborn Free Download is ready for your request. All the new things we have in this game will soon be on the mobile version. And this post will show you all the new features we added to this version.

Rejected Custom Night: Reborn Free Download
Rejected Custom Night: Reborn

At first, this game is about the open fight between you and other machines. They all come from hell, and there will be nothing that can help you stop them. The new things will be:

  • Challenged: this is a part of the game when you need to come over them and win your fight.
  • Leaderboard: your fight will bring you some scores, and you need to go online. That will be where your name was added.
  • Bigger office: Rejected Custom Night gives you a more prominent place to stay and more items to use. If you want to win fast, you better use them.
  • Endless: you need to fight all the time if you want to keep your life safe. This mod will go over and over again. Your fight will be more brutal.

Rejected Custom Night: Reborn is now open for free download for all players. Come to your fear!


by: KamilFirma @KamilFirma

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