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Bonnie Simulator Free Download is a game with basic gameplay. When you come to this game, there will always be some adventure for you to join in this FNAF.

About Bonnie Simulator

Bonnie Simulator will allow you to read the main story. This story will be similar to other games you have played. But the end of this story will be unique and different. You can run into a lot of different endings. And each conclusion of it will relate to the way you play this game.

Bonnie Simulator Free Download
Bonnie Simulator

The main story:

You will be Bonnie, a monster from the Fazbear Restaurant. You will have one job that ensures no one will get in your place, especially the night guard. Players also need to kill this man and end his life before 6 am.

This job will not be hard for you to do. But the time is short, and you have no tools to help you don’t the job. All you have is a scary face and Five Nights at Freddy’s friend. Make the team with them and find a way to kill that man as soon as possible.

Download Bonnie Simulator free is a system that helps players to download any game they want faster. You need this game to explore the Bonnie world.


by: Egroce @Egroce

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