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Golden Memory 2 Free Download will lead you to a new life. Your new life will be in a horror place. This place has some monsters from FNAF games, and they are not friendly.


About Golden Memory 2 For PC

Golden Memory 2 will have five nights for you to play. And each night that we have will go slowly. You need to get through all night to move to the last chance of the game. When the battle starts, there will be no way for you to start over again.

The night in this game will be different, and players can not do any of them without completing the last one. Each night will be unlocked and give players more choices on challenges.

FNAF fan games have added a mode for this game, and that mode will be fullscreen. For other games from our page, we can not add this mode. Because the graphics are too low when you go in fullscreen mode.

You can also save the game and start again when coming back to it. There will also be some adventure for you, take them, and you shall know the fear in your soul. Download Golden Memory 2 free for your PC. This could be the game you need right now!


by: Wester @wester

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