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Sister Location: MA Free Download brings horror, and violence experiences. The game is limited on Steam, and players need to prepare mentally.

About Sister Location: MA

Sister Location: MA Free Download has a lot of horror, and a high level of difficulty. The game is free, but it is limited to the Steam system. The game offers some extremely thrilling, and challenging challenges.

Sister Location: MA Free Download
Sister Location: MA

The game is about the main monster- animatronic Freddy. Players must survive in the wilderness. You face many scary things, and you have to stay for many nights to complete the game. The game introduces a lot of frightening animatronics. The game doesn’t have much information initially, and you have to play the first night to understand the plot.

Players use coins to buy items. Each item has its function. You choose the correct item to protect you from attacks of zombies, bears, snakes, acid rain, meteors, ghosts, and many other weird things. Sister Location: MA has three different difficulty levels: hard, medium and easy. You can choose the challenge that suits you, or try them all.
Freddy is the boss of the game. Freddy is brilliant, and you don’t win easily nor get out of this horrible place.

You can also visit the Five Nights at Freddy’s community website to learn more suitable suggestions for the game.


by: realscawthon @realscawthon

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