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Fun Times at Homer’s 2 free download is a fan-made game that is free for download for PC devices using files. It is made inspired by the famous horror FNAF and the Simpsons series.

Fun Times at Homer’s 2

Fun Times at Homer’s 2 takes place at the Krusty Burger location, where features animatronic characters made based on the characters from the Simpsons. You will be playing as the security couch who is sent to the restaurant at night for inspecting the behaviors of the animatronic robots.

Without knowing much about the animatronics, you are at risk of being killed by one of them if approaching. All you have known about them was that they can walk freely at night. You have no weapon for surviving but only simple tools for inspection such as a torch.

This game comes with a simple point and clicks mechanism, which allows you not only to use tools but also to free-roam around the map. You may find it familiar if you have played other games of the FNAF series before.

Fun Times at Homer’s 2 only features one night, which seems to last forever. You will not be able to find its animatronics in any other game. This game can be downloaded for free and install to android devices using the file.


by: NickPerson @NickPerson

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