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Rejected Custom Night 2 Free Download will bring you a horror battleground. This will be you end your life or win all the Ultimate Custom Night challenges.

About Rejected Custom Night 2

Rejected Custom Night 2 Free Download is getting ready. You need to get all the required things, such as updates and features.

Rejected Custom Night 2 Free Download
Rejected Custom Night 2

The new things in this game will be:

  • Cutscenes will be a fun thing you can get in this game. All of them will bring you some memories of the original game. The main features we have in this game will send you not only fear. But also some parts of the main story.
  • Rejected Custom Night 2 will give you 50+ machines to play with. And the AI they have will be between 0 to 20. You need to choose the right level, or you will never win.
  • Office skin will also be a new thing that has been added to this version. Everything in your office will change depending on the version of the office you are using.

Ultimate Custom Night is the best game for players who want to choose their fear. This will be the game you can never forget. Enjoy the horror show and never fall for their trap.


by: KamilFirma @KamilFirma

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