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Ultimate Custom Night will come to you with some new details. And you need to know all about this FNAF game before you come to this horror series at night.

Ultimate Custom Night

About Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night will have all the new details below:

  • If you come to this game, you will have your chance to fight with 16 different challenges. There will be more in the next version of this horrible night.
  • In the game, you will see a box with music inside. This box will help you win the game, so don’t miss your chance to collect it.
  • There will be some voices appearing in the game that change the whole night. You need them to make your game better.
  • When you play this game, you will have your chance to unlock some skin. You can also buy them in the store. But winning them will be more fun.
  • All the cutscenes in this game will appear after you win a challenge. So make your fight in FNAF be challenging so you can have all the cutscenes.

Ultimate Custom Night free download is right on the top of this game page. This is where you can update the game and make it better.


by: realscawthon @realscawthon

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