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Five Nights at Pinkie’s Free Download fools death through pink horse animatronics. The game embodies the horror from the original FNAF. The game belongs to Eidenz- the leading developer.

Five Nights at Pinkie's Free Download
Five Nights at Pinkie’s

The player is the night guard at Pinkie’s Cupcakes Corner – a cute shop with bright items. However, the pink horse animatronic is extraordinary at night.

Players must complete five different nights with dozens of challenges. Each night lasts six hours (from 0 am to 6 am). Pink horse animatronics will move to harm the player.

Players use many familiar tools from Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon, like security cameras or doors. You use electricity rationally because everything’s energy is limited.

Players face tension in a small room. You use doors, lights, and security cameras to keep an eye on the pink horse animatronics.

Each night, the player receives support from the old night watchman through mysterious phone messages. You will have many helpful hints, as well as information about the scary mystery.

Download “Five Nights at Pinkie’s” to experience horror nights at Pinkie’s Cupcakes Corner with pink horse animatronics!


by: Eidenz @Eidenz

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