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SCP – The Endurance will allow you to get in a fight, and this fight will not be easy for you. All you have in this FNAF games is yourself and the fear you have to face.

SCP – The Endurance

About SCP – The Endurance For PC

SCP – The Endurance is a game for players who like some horror nights to appear in their joy. This game will bring back some old jumpscare that you might know. They will be your nightmare, and when you lose your control, they will kill you.

  • We have a custom mode for you in this version. This mode is free and only runs offline. So you can not play this game with others when you choose this mode.
  • FNAF fan games have added the EL in this game so you can enjoy it in a better way. Polish is available too.
  • The sound in this version is free for you. And you need to hear them all before getting into your gameplay. These sounds will allow you to bring up your fear and change your mindset. Monsters will appear following the sound in gameplay.

Download SCP – The Endurance free will bring you a new challenge. This will allow you to have more fun and enjoy the horror night.


By: Elefelen @Elefelen

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