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Fazbear Tycoon will allow you to build up a horror restaurant. Play with it and then kill the customer. The FNaF Songs in this game are unique and have some updates.


About Fazbear Tycoon For PC

Fazbear Tycoon is about a horror world. You will have to get into this world to find out what happens with other people. This world will be in your command.

Players can build their restaurants, decorate them and then call for customers. This place will bring you money to buy new machines. And their machine will work for you. Everything seems to be fine, but when the night comes. Things change, and you will be a victim. The monsters of your Fazbear dinner restaurant will soon come to you.
One big tip in this game will be the FNaF Song. When you hear a song belonging to this collection. You will soon see monsters. They will come to you and let you know what secret they are hiding.

Get lucky in this game, and then buy all the machines you need for your restaurant. Download Fazbear Tycoon free will be easy for players using the PC. We will soon make this game better with new joys and beautiful features. Enjoy your short night of fear night!


By: Undead_Army1987 @Undead_Army1987

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