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Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED Free Download-adds some simple stuff to your game. This will be the next fear you should get from FNaF Fan Games.

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Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED Free Download is ready for your use. This game will be different when you move to the final night. That night will be hard to win when you only have a flashlight.

Spring Locked at Fredbear's REMASTERED Free Download
Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED

The game will add all the features below:

  • There will be some new voices from the actors. This will be a good way for you to master your game and send fear to your dream. This game will allow you to add all the new voices to it. Enjoy your fear through your ear.
  • FNaF games will make these monsters look more realistic. You can hear them breathe, listen to their claws hitting the floor. And when they kill you, you can listen to your blood coming out.
  • All the machines will soon change on the skin and also their AI. They will be more intelligent and faster. It would be best if you tried as hard as you can to win them.

Spring Locked at Fredbear’s REMASTERED is free. And if you like this game, our page will be where you can take it home!


by: The Frebby @TheFrebbyDev

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