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Christmas with Freddy’s Free Download will send you some machines in Christmas style. They all will appear on the final night of the FNaF games. Fight or die!

About Christmas with Freddy’s

Christmas with Freddy’s Free Download will send you that horror game you never tried before. All the machines in this game will come in a new skin. They have been remade on the outfit and also the features within.

Christmas with Freddy's Free Download
Christmas with Freddy’s

Christmas will be the main style they have for you. And you need to kill them all before they can do that to you. When coming to the last version of this game. You might get some presents. And that will be the final machine you need to fight with.

Christmas with Freddy’s base on the FNAF machines and allow people to meet more fear. Each time you come to this game, you shall have your chance to fight more monsters. But in this version, we only add 6 monsters for your game.

FNaF games will be on the main page. This is where you download and update your game too. The main game will be very hard to win, but you can win it. Add some new updates for your game and enjoy it. We will come back for more updates.


by: PowerLine Studios @PowerLine_Studios

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