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Bubba’s Diner Free Download takes place at Bubba’s Diner restaurant. Bubba’s Diner reopens, and players receive a strange story. The game introduces interesting animatronics like Bubba and Porkpatch. The game has exciting songs in the dark space.

Bubba's Diner Free Download
Bubba’s Diner

The game has a familiar opening. You play the night guard for Bubba’s Diner restaurant, your name is Edward Clark. You think of an ordinary job, but the truth is very dark. You uncover mysterious events, and escape from the animatronics. Players will face animatronics including: Bubba is the animatronic bear, Mr. Giggle – the white rabbit, Porkpatch – the pig, and Smiley – the black rabbit. The game is a successful FNaF-Based game.

You run away to survive, or get destroyed in the long night shift. All animatronics are very hostile. Players are ready to face five terrifying nights at the restaurant. You have to repair broken furniture and solve some puzzle mini-games to complete the game. The game also adds exciting gameplay along with an engaging storyline.

Get ready to experience the game for free, and you must be the survivor to complete the surprises at Bubba’s Diner!


by: FreakyGames @FreakyGames

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