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Those Nights at Rachel’s will be a game with all the features you might feel like. These new changes will be the key to your Five Nights at Freddy’s secret.

About Those Nights at Rachel’s For PC

Those Nights at Rachel’s not only come with one but any new features. And they will be the best choice for your fun time. We will give you anything we know about this game. The first one will be a new character. They will kill you instantly.

Those Nights at Rachel's Free Download
Those Nights at Rachel’s

These monsters are not from the old game and not also from the remake. They are unique and new monsters that have never been shown before. Once you fight with them, you will see the difference between you and their power.
Five Nights at Freddy’s will bring you some machines that you can customize by yourself. These monsters will be available in the shop. This also is where you use your point to get new things.

We add a function that helps players to use the custom sound to their game. These sounds will be helpful when you play the game. Each time a machine appears, you shall hear the sound of them. Download Those Nights at Rachel’s free and see what can help you win this fight of monsters.


by: Nikson. @Nikson_Official

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