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Insanity Free Download will help you with the download. This game doesn’t have the save mode, so you have to start again when you die. Will this Insanity game please you?

About Insanity

Insanity Free Download is a tool, and you can use this tool to download our game. We also add other tools like this for the main page. This is a good support when players keep having trouble with the download function. There will be some information about this game for you. Mostly it is about the gameplay and the story.

Insanity Free Download

This game builds a story and lets people read it. It helps you win your game faster, but you will also know more about the game. You are a night guard. Your job seems to be easy and simple. But one day, the machines started to walk and talk. It feels like this machine wakes up after a long sleep.

And now it hunts for food. Your blood could be a good drink for its thirst. Insanity is a simple game, but the gameplay will send you a lot of challenging missions. Completing them all will send you to the end of this game. FNAF Song will be included in this game when you start it. But you can also download more of it.


by: Salvage. @Saalvage

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