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The Web of Cogs and Oil Free Download will allow you to meet your friend. All of them will come from the Five Nights at Freddy’s game, but scarier and smarter.

The Web of Cogs and Oil Free Download
The Web of Cogs and Oil

About The Web of Cogs and Oil

The Web of Cogs and Oil download will have a lot of new challenges for you. All you need is to fight them to keep your life safe.

The demons:

This is a new part of this game. The demon appearing in this game will soon come to you. And they will not look like other horror FNAF game monsters. They will be unique, and you shall need to fight with them all the time.

The machines:

They belong to the horror FNAF games. You will see some familiar faces. And the things you need to do with them will be the same with the demons.

The Web of Cogs and Oil will bring you some new mini-games. Your job will complete all the mini-games here. The longer you stay, the bigger your fight will become.

There will be a map that you can use to know where the monsters are. Five Nights at Freddy’s will give you more monsters from their game and add to this one. Enjoy your bad dream!


by: Vitch @LazyThePotato_Vitch

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