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The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game) Free Download a horror game with some unique features. This game will send you to the land of monsters. Players can download this from the FNaF fangame.

About The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game)

The Twisted Carnival will help you know better about the plan of all demons. This game brings you to the party of demons, and they name it King’s Carnival. All you have to do in this version will be wandering around.

The Twisted Carnival Free Download

There will be some fun things you can find in the game. And make sure there will be no one who can get in your way. Because monsters will come fast, and you need to repair them as quickly as you can.
You will be the night guard of this place, and all you need to do is fight. Monsters from the FNaF fan game will appear in your game. They will try to hurt you and take your life away from your body.

This game will also allow players to know better about the game story. Once you know it, winning will not be that hard for you. You can choose a fight with mystery monsters or pass this game forever. The fun will start when you come to it. Download The Twisted Carnival (FNaF fan-game) free now. You can play it on PC.


by: Galva_ @Galva_

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