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Woppy and Friends Free Download will soon open for all players. FNaF games will be that page where you can come and download free horror nights. Safe free game!

About Woppy and Friends

Woppy and Friends Free Download is done. Now we will show you all the details that belong to this game. This will be a game you can play alone and ask other players to help you in your battle. We add some new features for this new game, and they will be below:

Woppy and Friends Free Download
Woppy and Friends
  • New monsters will come to your game, and they are not friendly. They will not appear at the same time. They only appear when the final night is on. And you shall need to try not to die when this night comes.
  • Woppy and Friends have some other versions for players to choose from. Each version will allow you to explore this place—different experiences.
  • There will be some new changes to the sound of this game. You need to join the game to know which sound will be changed. The voice will also be adjusted so players can feel more scary things.

FNaF games will be a collection of horror games. We will send this game to your PC and add updates for you too. Enjoy the fight!


by: Rotas @RobinTharsGames

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