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The Salvaged Free Download offers suspenseful interviews. Players will face animatronics from the series FNAF. Make the right choices, or you’re doomed.

About The Salvaged

The Salvaged Free Download introduces fascinating mind battles between players and animatronics. The game brings almost complete animatronics from the entire FNAF series.

The Salvaged Free Download
The Salvaged

The Interview series inspired the game. Players enjoy the game if they have experienced the salvage minigames of FNAF 6. The game emphasizes tense confrontation, and focused questions. Millions of FNAF fans love the salvage minigames of FNAF 6.

Gameplay is straightforward. The player must answer the question correctly, and each correct answer is a chance to destroy the animatronics in The Salvaged. Each fight will have some unique songs and sounds. If you remember all the pieces, it will be easier for you to complete the game’s challenges.

The game introduces almost all the animatronics from the entire FNAF series. The game is full of animatronics from versions such as: FNAF AR, FNAF World and Fazbear Fanverse. Of course, Each animatronic will have its mechanism and personality. In addition, you also have the option to confront your favorite animatronics.

Get the game to discover hidden secret collections, and learn about secret codes in horror stories!


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