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Official FNaTI: Nightmare Before Disney Free Download is a horror game from Subwooferx3. The game is an excellent mix between Halloween Edition and Final Build. All the content is terrifying.

Official FNaTI: Nightmare Before Disney Free Download
Official FNaTI: Nightmare Before Disney

The game is based on FNAF gameplay from Scott Cawthon. The player wakes up in a dark building, and you’re trapped.

Players face a terrible nightmare. Ink-Blotted is a game’s criminal organization.

Players use the camera system against various Ink Blots. The opponent’s shape is like a pumpkin on Halloween.

Players use pills and heart rate monitors to ensure health. You will be safe if your heart rate is always stable at 100 in a FNaF fan game.

Players have access to 10 cameras, facing 7 Ink-Blots, and must complete ten nights of difficulty. Every challenge needs a suitable solution. The game is haunting for those who love Disney.

The game’s ten nights are all packed with fun challenges and different horror experiences. You use your intelligence to observe everything around you, and you must beware of wandering Ink-Blots.

Download “FNaTI: Nightmare Before Disney” for horror nights with Disney’s Ink-Blots!


by: SubwooferX3 @Samboogle

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