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New Nights at Freddy’s Free Download now brings you new features and new things. There will be more than just a horror Fan game battle. Enjoy your gameplay!

About New Nights at Freddy’s

New Nights at Freddy’s Free Download is done. You can download the main version of this game and all the new things we have for you. There will be some rules when you play the game, and they all lay in instruction.

New Nights at Freddy's Free Download
New Nights at Freddy’s

New features:

  • This game will allow you to get in 15 nights. This means you can not win on the first night. There will be more nights for you to join, and each night will bring different difficulties.
  • There will be 70 monsters appearing in your gameplay. They will not appear at the same time, but they will show up each night you play.
  • Fan games will allow you to play 13 mini-games. Each game will bring you a different fear and nightmare.
  • This version will have some room that you can stay in and keep yourself safe. There will also be some rooms that you can not stay in, and it is not 100 percent secure. So move on until you find the right place. New Nights at Freddy’s will surprise you.


by: Uradius @Uradius

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