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After Hours Free Download will allow you to explore a horror world. And this Five Nights at Freddy’s will come with machines that demons have haunted.

About After Hours

After Hours Free Download
After Hours

After Hours Download is ready. There will be a lot of new mini-games for you to join in this one.

You will be the monsters of this version. There will be four choices for you to make. You can be:

  • Chica,
  • Foxy,
  • Bonnie,
  • Freddy.

Each one of them will have special skills. And all of them will be able to ride cars, use guns, and the mudder technique.

Main gameplay notes:

After Hours is about your adventure in an open world, and you will need to explore this world to find out the truth about it.

There will also be some secret that has been captured inside the machine body. And in the final game wave, you will find out what it is.

Five Nights at Freddy’s will also allow you to be the nightguard. And your job will be to capture all the machines and then kill them all. Or you can call the cops to help you get rid of them before they hurt other people in your game.


by: RomejanicDev @Romejanic

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