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FNIA: Ultimate Location Free Download is a place that is full of beautiful monsters. Don’t let them fool you. They are Five Nights at Freddy’s nightmares but in a different form.

About FNIA: Ultimate Location

FNIA: Ultimate Location will be the game you need to try. This game will bring you a different idea about the horror world. This world will allow you to meet some monsters that have sexy outfits.

FNIA: Ultimate Location Free Download
FNIA: Ultimate Location

They look like that, but when you come close to them, you will soon die. The FNAF monsters we have in this game will act and move in a 2D way. So there will be more sound to give players a realistic feeling.

There will be some Springtrap in this version so players could fall inside it. This trap will end your gameplay, so stay away from them if you don’t want to start your game again.

Five Nights at Freddy’s in this version will have more sound on their act. These Anime monsters will come with the voice of cartoons. So when you play the game, you should pay attention to the sound you hear in this game.

There will be a band in this game. This band will also be the horror monsters gang. Download FNIA: Ultimate Location free to know more about this game.


By: Mairusu @Mairusu

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