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Five Unreal Nights at Candy’s Free Download will bring you nights. But these nights will be different. Winning this Five Nights at Candy’s horror game will not be easy.


Five Unreal Nights at Candy’s Free Download is ready to go. If you need any help with our page, you can check out the description. This game will bring you five simple nights, and all of them will be different.

Five Unreal Nights at Candy's Free Download
Five Unreal Nights at Candy’s

When you come at night, you will receive some missions. And then your game will start when you hit 12 pm. This is when all the monsters come to you, and they will make you bleed. Five Unreal Nights at Candy’s monsters will be different from others.

The new things in this horror game:

  • The controls of this game have been changed, and you need to know them to win it. Right-click will allow you to pick up anything from the game. These things can help you kill machines, slow them down and make it to the last fight.
  • Five Nights at Candy’s allows you to have 6 nights. This is when all things come down, and winning will be hard to get.


by: The Frebby @TheFrebbyDev

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