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Five Night’s of Flirting Free Download will be a journey of your life. In this game, you can fall in love, fight with machines and discover the dark secrets of the FNaF fan game.

About Five Night’s of Flirting

Five Night’s of Flirting will allow you to come to Freddy’s pizzeria. This will be the place for you to explore all the dark secrets of the machines. These machines used to work for another company, but they have been delivered here for an unknown reason.

Five Night's of Flirting Free Download
Five Night’s of Flirting

There will be some other people that work in this place with you. Through the game, you will fall in love with some of them. And then you may find out the truth about them and other secrets captured here.

Along with the game you play, there will be some mini-games for you to join. You need these games, so your mind gets used to all the machines we have. These games are not only for fun but are also for learning. We will put them on the main FNaF fangame page for you to have an overview.

Download Five Night’s of Flirting free and get what you need from this horror site. This is where your fear becomes bigger. Do you dare to try it!


By: Zombbean @Zombbean

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