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Eddie and the Misfits Free Download will be an easy and simple game. But this one will come with a hard mode. You need to find this game in the FNAF games series. Easy to download!

About Eddie and the Misfits

Eddie and the Misfits is a game about the night of you with some machines. These machines will be the opponent that you need to fight with. They come from an old place named Eddie Family Dinner. When you come to this place, you will need to find out the truth about it. There will be some clues for you in the game.

Eddie and the Misfits Free Download
Eddie and the Misfits

In the gameplay, you will need to solve some board games to move to the next wave. There will be a lot of new mini-games for you to try. Each one of them will lead you to the world of monsters.

FNAF fan games will trap you in this place until the final night ends. But you have to win the challenges they gave you. Or not, you will never get your way out of here. Download Eddie and the Misfits free and get the whole game to your PC. This game is not available on mobile. Enjoy the game and give us any ideas you have for the game.


by: Ramenov @Ramenov

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