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Dark Curse DELUXE Free Download will bring you a show, and it is only for you. Five Nights at Freddy’s is the game that this version is based on and builds its features.

About Dark Curse DELUXE

Dark Curse DELUXE Free Download will allow you to get into a unique new world. This world will bring you fun all the time, and you can play games, eat candy, enjoy music shows and other things. But when the sun comes down, things will go uniquely and horribly.

Dark Curse DELUXE Free Download
Dark Curse DELUXE

To escape from this place, you must:

  • Work as a night guard and fix all the machines here. Before they become real monsters and chase you all over this place, there will be many tasks you need to do, even day and night. So make sure you complete them all before the final horror night.
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s machines will be what you have to fight with.
  • There will be a maze where you have to spend most of your time. In this maze, there will be some monster for you to fight with. If you win them, you can move on and get out from this horror night.
  • Dark Curse DELUXE will be on the main page of us, and you can also download it there.


by: ☆-KingRainBowChannel-☆ @king_rainbow

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