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Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official) Free Download will not bring you the same game that you have played on Fangame. There will be some differences that you can only get in this.

About Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official)

Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official) Free Download will send some new stuff to your game. And all you need is an online connection and download this to your PC. About the new things, we will give you some hints below this post:

Coffy's: Enhanced (Official) Free Download
Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official)
  • There will be a tutorial menu where you can play with the monsters and learn how to kill them. We will help you know this game better with all the tools, guild, and support. Make sure you play this one first!
  • Cutscenes will be an important place in this game. It would be best if you had this to know better about the Fan game. You can only open this when you reach the end of each night. This will also be where you learn new tricks in this game.
  • We have two different kinds of languages in this game. You can play them all or change them in the main menu.
  • Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official) will allow you to have the leaderboard if you download the full game. This means the free version you play will be a demo one.


by: Team: Caffeinated Studios @Raffler_CEO

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