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PYRO-ILLUSION will be about a case, and in this case, there will be some mystery you need to solve. Five Nights at Freddy’s will give this game a big story to read.


PYRO-ILLUSION will send you a game that belongs to a fan. This game has all the things you need, from fear to nightmare. Players will have to walk from this part to another part. The final fight will bring you all the secrets of this horrible place.


This game will be about Roxy Loxy’s and its band. You will have to kill them if you wanna live one more night. And they will not come one at a time. They will come one by one. So you will have to fight them all in these five nights.

PYRO-ILLUSION Characters will be four of them, and the Roxy is the biggest one. It can kill you in a single second, and there will be nothing you can do with it. But this game will also give you a chance to win your fight. Find an item that has been hidden in the room. That will be your chance. FNAF will also allow you to read the story. This one is new and unique.


by: ddemkoo @ddemkoo

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