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Missing at Fredbear’s Free Download will send you to the case of Detective Prescott. This case will show you a lot of things that relate to the FNaF Fan Games.

About Missing at Fredbear’s

Missing at Fredbear’s Free Download is done. We need you to download and try this game. All the new features we make for this version will be free. And you can download them from the main page.

Missing at Fredbear's Free Download
Missing at Fredbear’s

FNaF Fan Games will give you this horror game and also its story. It would be best if you read them. It is good for your gameplay. Enjoy the nightmare. Prescott will be the role you will play, and your job will be to find Lily. A young girl who was kidnapped with no clue. She is having her birthday party at a restaurant named Freddy Bear Dinner. But then, when her mother leaves her there and gets to the toilet.

When she came back, nobody was gone, and all that was left was her birthday hat. This case has been there for many years, and no one can solve it. Tonight you decide to get in this place and find out what happened at Missing at Fredbear’s. Break this case, and you could save many other lives.


by: The Frebby @TheFrebbyDev

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