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Purple Blood (Test Game) Free Download will be a game that you can play but can save it. This is a demo, and we will soon change this FNAF game. Get in the fight!

Purple Blood (Test Game) Free Download
Purple Blood (Test Game)

About Purple Blood

Purple Blood (Test Game) download will send you a simple fight. This will be a fight between you and some machines from the Freddy Pizza Store. He will come to you at night, and your job will be to fight him.

Info about the game:

You can see that this game is a demo and all the details of it are very simple. Players can quickly win this game in a few hours of playing.

The game only focuses on improving the graphics and game function. We don’t have a good game story and also the game effect. So you can not ask for more details in the gameplay.

Purple Blood (Test Game) story:

This will be a horror night for you and your friend. You guys make a big mistake when entering a place that is full of monsters. And this time, they will not give you a chance to run away. The FNAF monsters in this game will be Freddy and other versions of him. You will have to fight with it!


by: Byronstudios @Byronstudios

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