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Project Readjusted 2 Free Download offers a horror experience like a great version of FNAF. You are a lonely technician in the dark horror night!

About Project Readjusted 2

Project Readjusted 2 Free Download is a great indie game. The game has many significant upgrades compared to the original FNAF, and the game promises to bring a lot of horror feel. The game is an incredible creation and free from fans. The game belongs to Mechlus.

Project Readjusted 2 Free Download
Project Readjusted 2

The player is a lonely technician. It would help if you supervised the animatronics. You help advance the knowledge base of science and technology in research. However, the task is terrifying. Animatronics are very strange and mysterious. It would be best if you did a lot to understand the evolving science and solve the weird questions.

The game is entirely free, and the game is inspired by Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s. You are a night shift technician (9pm to 3am). You see a lot of strange things when you follow the animatronics. However, you have to complete the problematic mission and survive the long night.

The player can use the Radar of Air Ducts to track anomalies in dark environments. The player still uses the cameras to avoid animatronics. Get ready to overcome your fears during the terrifying night shift at Project Readjusted 2!


by: Mechlus @Mechlus

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