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Porkchop’s Horror Show will not be the show you think it will be. This is a trap, and when you fall inside it, there will be no way out—FNaF fangame page for horror game lovers.

Porkchop’s Horror Show Story

Porkchop’s Horror Show is a game that describes how monsters make a trap and then lead people into that trap. When you come to this game, there will be a show ready for you. And you will have to join this party.

Porkchop's Horror Show Free Download
Porkchop’s Horror Show

There is no other way you can escape from this trap. But players can find a way to avoid monsters from this horror show. Porkchop only gives you a few fears. This means you can find some unique monsters. There will be no monsters that come from the FNAF world.

FNaF fangame adds new features:

  • The basic survival style of the old FANF games.
  • Different series make you want to explore them all. Each series will bring you a unique fear.
  • Some level for you to choose, you need to know how good your skill is and select the mode.
  • Missions to complete will lead you to the end of your gameplay.

Download Porkchop’s Horror Show free. We will bring you some new series. Stay and join the fear with us!


By: Phisnom @Phisnom

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