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Chomper’s Free Download will be a unique game you can enjoy alone. This game will bring you fear and scary things from the FNAF games world. They are strong and dangerous!

Chomper’s Story

Chomper’s is a game about a man named Ben Holcomb. He loves Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and has lived with it for decades. After this place was burnt down and left in ruin. He decided to build up this place one more time. This man needs a guy who can take care of this place at night. And you will be that man.

Chomper's Free Download

The night in this place is scary. There will be a few friends for you to play with. They will be Chomper, Honey, and Woods. They will all come to you when you enter this place. So be repaired there will be no alert for their coming.
Also, in the game, you can play an extra mode. This mod will bring you more monsters, and they come from the other FNAF fan game. This mode also allows players to know better about the fear they need to face. The time will come, and you shall see all the monsters within.

Download Chomper’s free from the main page. This could be the best exploration for you.


by: Ultranite @Ultranite

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