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Nightmare at Charles 4 Free Download will send you some nightmares. And there will be Charles and his friend battle in this Fan games. The battle will soon begin!

Nightmare at Charles 4 Free Download
Nightmare at Charles 4

About Nightmare at Charles 4

Nightmare at Charles 4 download is your fight to live against some machine. They follow you from your world and get to your home. And they will never leave until you kill them all. And the only way for you to kill them will be to solve all the missions we gave you.

Monsters from Freddy Pizza restaurant:

They will be the monsters that live in this place, and they follow you from your night guard work. We think that you and your friend must have done something wrong. So they follow us to send you the nightmare.

They will stay here for five nights, and after that, they will leave. But they will bring your life along with them. So it would be best if you fought or you will never see the sun again. This is also the main story and idea of Nightmare at Charles 4.

Fangame game download:

We will help you with the download. That function will be on the top of this page. Or you can download this game from the CH Play app!


by: Official_AndrewJohn100 @Official_AndrewJohn100

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