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Broken Dreams Free Download will give you one single mission. That will bring this place down and leave the FNaF game with a winning bet on your side.

Broken Dreams Free Download
Broken Dreams

About Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams download will be your nightmare. When you enter this place, there will be some machines there waiting for you. But if you can survive five nights in this place, there will be a chance for you to win.

Handmade music:This version of the game will allow you to remake the music. And you can also add the song you like in this game. The instructions to do this will be on the main page.

Custom machines and monsters:

Broken Dreams allow you to custom the machines that you have to fight in the game. All the machines and monsters here will come with items and all the fun stuff. You can add them to your game and build their style.

Gameplay And story:

This FNaF game will not be easy to win, and you need to give your best to beat it. You have to burn this Fazbear’s Fright restaurant down. And then move out from that place to have your win. or you will be captured here forever!


by: oddRL @oddRL

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