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POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED) Free Download is a big regret for FNAF fans. Players will wait for the past adventure of Fritz Glade’s painful memory.

About POPGOES Finale

POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED) Free Download is a delayed game, and all information has stopped updating on the internet. The game possesses fascinating gameplay in pixel graphics. The game promises great pixel-style adventures. The withdrawal of LSFDevelopment negatively affected Kane Carter. Of course, the game was not released because the game was a collaboration of both groups.

The game takes the finishing touches of the three full minigame experiences from POPGOES 2 REMAKE. The game is a continuation of The Popgoes Pizzeria. Simon dominates The Popgoes Pizzeria, and Sec-Strings makes one last attempt to communicate with WeaselWare. Fritz Glade appears as a fragile life in POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED).

The player controls Fritz Glade in a world of traumatic memories. Fritz Glade has a painful past, and all memories turn to horror monsters.

Background music is a strong point of the game. Background music is chiptune style. Kane Carter performed the entire soundtrack of the game. The game is an excellent choice in the type of 16-bit Fan games.

If you love the game’s music, you can find the soundtrack on the Game Jolt page.


by: Kane Carter  @KaneCarter

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