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Original Location Free Download will be the place for your battle and survival. You need to come to the FNaF fan game page to download and update this wonderful game.

Original Location Story

Original Location will hire you and let you be their worker. Your work here will keep everything in this place safe. And that will never be a fun game. At first, they will ask you to fix the machines in their place. But then your job will switch into nightguard. They said things will go wild at night and some machines will come to you.

Original Location Free Download
Original Location

This game is built on an FNAF game, so everything it has will relate to that game. The story will also be the same. Your night will last for five days, and in those days, you need to find out what happened.

FNaF fangame will be the page that you can download a free game and get the update. This game allows you to fight with some puppets. They are from the old restaurant that was built upon this place. The only chance for you to win is to fight! Download Original Location free and change the setting so this game can fit your needs. Enter the game and see the difference between all FNAF games.


By: TannerFeline @TannerFeline

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