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Sonic’s Pizzeria Simulator Free Download and run on PC. You can get this game, but an online connection will be needed for this FNAF game. Follow for more information!

Sonic’s Pizzeria Simulator Story

Sonic’s Pizzeria Simulator Free Download will send you the horror game you like. The gameplay will be in 2D, but the sound and voice will be in 3D. This is the detail that makes this game valuable. And you need to try it to see what we want to give you in your experience.

Sonic's Pizzeria Simulator Free Download
Sonic’s Pizzeria Simulator

In this horror game, you will be a night watchman. Your first mission will be to clean the office. Because this will be where you stay at night. And there will be no other choice for you. The machine we have in this game will bring you fear and scary things. They will appear anywhere you go and jump out to scare you.

Sonic’s Pizzeria Simulator will send you some mini-games. All of them will help you to know better about the main horror gameplay. Each time you win a game, there will be a note for you. Read them and enjoy your fight.

FNAF will soon allow you to know more info about the main story. They are needed for your gameplay.


by: DatBabyGamer (Babs) @DatBabyGamer

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