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CASE: Animatronics APK For Android Free Download still brings Animatronic in the spirit of FNAF. The game takes place in an open setting, and the player is in a new role. However, you are still stalked by evil forces and you must survive the encirclement of darkness.

CASE: Animatronics Free Download
CASE: Animatronics

The game takes place at the police station. You are John Bishop. You are a workaholic detective, and you like to do investigations late at night. You enter another nightmare with a strange call from an old friend. The police station’s power was turned off, and the security system was hacked. All exits are locked, and you are faced with a frenzied Animatronics.

Players can move freely between rooms in CASE: Animatronics APK For Android. You observe your surroundings, and you use a closet or under a table to hide. The game offers many exciting puzzles, and you have to complete dangerous missions. Players use tablets, and check security cameras to ensure safety. However, tablets have limited battery life, and you need to use the charging station in time.

The game promises to bring a genuinely terrifying invisible experience in the spirit of FNAF APK!



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