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FNaC:R Mobile Free Download will send you some new changes. And all of them will come for free from the Fangame. This is a horror page for FNAF players of FNAF!

FNaC:R Mobile will have all the things below:

FNaC:R Mobile Free Download
FNaC:R Mobile
  • The mode will have an extra menu. All the functions in the main menu will often come with updates. This is a good way for players to have a fantastic game experience.
  • The sound in this game has been fixed and added a new effect. This means when you join the game, your ear will hear some weird and scary sound. And the monsters will come after that.
  • FNaC:R Mobile has sent you some cheats. All the cheat you might find will be available for this version.
  • This version will have an endless mode. You will need to use this mode to challenge yourself before all the battles in the game.
  • Fan game adds some new game challenges for you. If players want to complete the final night, they will also need to complete the challenge.

This is a free game, and there will be many updates for your game experience. Give us some advice so we can improve the game too.


by: Viktor Nifedow @RageonNickR

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