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Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake APK for Android Free Download is a great horror game. The game follows the spirit of FNAF in cartoon-style 2D graphics.

Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake Free Download
Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake APK For Android

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 strikes an outstanding balance to the game. Animatronics have their strengths/weaknesses. Every challenge brings great joy.

The game is about Coso’s Entertainment- a center with the most advanced technologies. Coso’s Entertainment is a favorite place for young kids during the day, but at night it’s scary.

You are an unfortunate night shift guard, and you must face the dangerous animatronic- Coso with brown skin.

However, the new generation of animatronics cannot survive the lack of oxygen in a small room. Players use the camera to observe the movement of the FNaF Android animatronics and use the most advanced technology to win.
Players must win new generation animatronics such as Coso, Cosa, Cosonet, and Original Meow. All animatronics have a unique voice read from a natural person.

Download “Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake APK For Android” to have horror nights with Coso at Coso’s Entertainment!


by: MidaGames @MidaGames

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